Matatu Culture

Matatus are the Rock Legends of the roads, they break the rules, they have been round the block a billion times, they will take you for a ride  and they just keep going, no matter how battered they look!!!! Ronnie Woods is a Matatu!! 😉 They blast out tunes and are adorned with iconic art…how much more Rock n’ Roll can you get!!

Matatu Culture is a collection of photographs taken to capture the grit of the public transport system in Kenya. Matatus are a small bus service in Kenya, known for  reckless driving, overloading, and groovey paint jobs that hold the rust together. Love them or hate them they have been a major part of Kenyan life decades.

This is a limited edition of 6 prints sold as a set each print is A4 (21cm/30cm) including the white border.

There are 20 sets available.