The Truth About Bees and Elephants

This amazing project builds beehive fences around small farmers crops in Africa. The fences keep the Elephants from crop raiding and provide the farmers with a second income.

The beehive fence project has been researched and developed by Dr Lucy King, it is simple, easy to understand, and low cost. It makes a huge difference to the farmers lives.

Beehive Fence

Fantastic day completing the first 100m of protective Beehive Fence for a struggling farmer on the outskirts of Rakhasi village near Tsavo National Park. Huge thanks to Dominique Thoenes and her company Bella Matata for donating all the materials and Langstroth beehives to this new project site from the proceeds from the sale of her “Truth About Bees and Elephants” art exhibitions. The farmers say “Thanks Nikki!”


Dominique has been exhibiting her bees and elephants paintings and photography in Kenya and Zambia since 2009, also taking the show to the UNEP headquarters in 2012, to give the project exposure. Dr Lucy King when not busy building fences on occasion lectures at the exhibitions. Up to 50% of the sales from these shows goes directly into the construction of these fences.

20% of any Bees and elephants art work sold on this site shall go directly to the construction of beehive fences.

elephants and bees

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Tusk Prints Bee-Eater Prints Colour Prints
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